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Web Design


Aesthetic Appeal Online

Your website is the main source of information for potential clients. JaPlusPlus designs and structures the aesthetic to leave a lasting impression.

Web Development


Structured and Effective Websites

Your website's functionality is the linchpin that secures your client with brand loyalty. At Ja++ we develop your website to create a lasting client-service relationship.

Website Analytics


Visitor Behaviour Reports

We capture visitor actions on your website and offer insight into potential design or business changes. With knowledge on visitor behaviour, you can choose better business actions.

Social Media

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Join the Online Marketplace

The online marketplace often begins through social media. We can increase brand awareness, grow your client pool and manage your brand's reputation online so that you don't get left behind.

Digital Advertising


Powerful and Reliable Online Presence

Ja++ can capture the best online spaces to advertise your business and reach your target audience. Digital Advertising is a must in medium to large-scale marketing today.

Search Engine Optimization


Rank Higher in Google Search

Our SEO techniques will ensure that your brand's name or website is found by the right people. Your business is more likely to be discovered by those who need it and stumbled upon by users just looking around.

App Store Optimization


Your Name at the Top

Ja++ ASO practices can vault your app to the top 5 of the app store's search list ensuring that customers can find it easily or have it recommended to them when looking for similar apps.

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